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Faculty Resource Guide

Greenville Tech Foundation

Where do I locate financial opportunities to assist students with hardship events, fuel, utility bills, etc?

Contact Ginger Mauney, 864-250-8835 (, for a current Emergency Assistance form.

Have the student complete this form and turn it in, along with the statement of need that is referenced in the instructions, and documentation of the need (ex: past-due notices from Duke Energy or an eviction notice). This information should either be taken to the Foundation offices at McAlister Square or scanned to Ginger Mauney - whichever is easiest for the student. The information is then forwarded to Financial Aid to find out if the student has any FA refund money coming (sometimes loans can be issued against a pending FA refund), to ensure the number of hours being taken, and to determine the student's GPA.

Decisions are typically made at the end of each week and we communicate with the student about if/how we will be able to help. The Foundation does not have funds for tuition - typically they assist with emergency needs related to utilities, rent, car issues, and sometimes books, depending on the situation. Checks are issued to the vendor, not the student, unless we are providing a loan against their pending FA refund). Only one award can be made to a student in an academic year, and they must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours.

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