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Faculty Resource Guide

OIT Tutorials and Instructional guides

How can I get help to reset a password?

What do I do when I have IT issues on campus?

What do I do when an equipment/technology upgrade is needed?

Who can I contact to get my computer fixed when I can't log into the computer to put in a request?

You may call 864-255-4357 (HELP) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What do I do if I suspect I have received a phishing email?

Employees can send David Fink any suspected phishing emails and he will take a look at them. He can then block the sender, and if it’s a bad one, run a process to delete the email from all mailboxes.

Who are the contacts for OIT?

You can search "GDIV-OIT" in the Outlook address book .  This will take you to a departmental email address  "".  Dave Fink said this is the best way to contact the department and that they welcome meetings for conversation.  There are no individual email addresses given here.

Institutional Effectiveness houses Information Technology

What if I need help with my Gmail or Outlook account?

What do I do if a light bulb goes out in a projector on a satellite campus?

Who do I call if the overhead projector vibrates?

Accessibility at GTC