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Faculty Resource Guide


Campus Directors/Admins/Schedulers

Satellite Campus Contacts (Benson, Brashier, Northwest)   Dean of Satellite Campuses
Update February 19, 2020     Dr. Chuck Morton
Benson Campus  Director Mikelle Porter x3037
  Administrative Assistant Melinda Williamson x3014
  Campus/ Building Scheduler Deb Houde x3040
Brashier Campus Director (Interim) Mikelle Porter x3037
  Administrative Assistant Margaret Hill x4128
  Campus/ Building Scheduler Margaret Hill x4128
Northwest Campus Director (Interim) Allison Keck x3606
  Administrative Assistant Tracy Nutting x3650
  Campus/ Building Scheduler Tracy Nutting x3650


How can I find a mailstop for an employee?

Is there a contact list of Program Directors?

There is no list of Program Directors available. The best way to find this information is to search by Program on the College's Academic Areas of Study page. The contact information for the Program Director or Department Head will be listed there.

Is there a way to find out who works in certain support departments? For example purchasing, financial aid, etc.

Is there a list for persons with 25Live access?

Who are the contacts in Public Relations and what are their roles?

Press and Media Contacts

Becky Mann – Director of Executive Communications and Public Relations

Becky Mann is the college-wide point of contact for media inquiries, responsible for overall college public relations. She also assists Dr. Miller and the President’s Cabinet with communications efforts as needed. In addition, she is responsible for Greenville Tech Gives Back and the volunteer opportunities the initiative provides for employees and students. She serves on the college’s Emergency Preparedness and Incident Committee and Campus Closure Team.


Kelley Roark – Customer Engagement Manager and Programmatic PR Director

Kelley Roark serves as the director of programmatic PR and customer engagement manager. Kelley directs and executes the outreach to college prospect communication funnel for both academic and continuing education populations; i.e., direct mail, email, text. Her role also encompasses direction of the college’s social media channels, business publication advertising for B2B population, marketing the new middle school summer camps, public relations for college’s program areas and serves as an ancillary member of the college’s crisis communication team.

Who are the contacts in Marketing and Communications and what are their roles?

Marketing and Communications Guidelines for GVLTEC

Marketing and Communications Team

Please note that all marketing requests should be sent via the marketing request form located on GTC4me (http://tbfilemaker/)

Joshua Friesen – Marketing Director

Joshua Friesen is the Marketing and Communications director. In this role, he develops the department strategic plan. Initiatives include strategies for lead generation and nurturing with a goal to drive applications. There are also a number of retention tactics employed collaborating cross-functionally. In this role, there is oversight of the college’s mass media, streaming media, search engine marketing, website, digital tools such as the online view book, engagement initiatives such as person-to-person calls and institutional publications. He leads marketing research and insights including overseeing third-party focus groups, media assessments and trends. Joshua will also oversee the college’s call center launching 2020.

Nancy Englisbe – Administrative Coordinator

Nancy Englisbe is an administrative coordinator in the Marketing and Communications Department at Greenville Technical College. In addition to traditional administrative coordinator duties, Nancy works collaboratively on projects pulling prospect and student lists, proofing college publications and advertisements as well as publishes GTC Highlights.

Robyn Wilcox – Web Content Manager

Robyn Wilcox manages the content of the college’s main website and microsites, plus calendars and the upcoming online catalog. She works closely with our web designers to create sites that not only look good but are also functional for all.  Focusing on both User Experience (UX) and Web Accessibility, the inclusive practice of removing barriers that prevent people with disabilities from doing what they need to do online, Robyn participates in courses, webinars and seminars to stay up-to-date with the constantly changing web standards and demands of the audience. Robyn also trains the 180+ employees at the college who are responsible for making and approving edits to their area of the website.

Denisha Wilson – Creative Director

Denisha Wilson serves as Greenville Technical College’s creative director, where she helps develop ideas into tangible and effective work that promotes the college’s mission and reaches prospects, students and influencers. In this role, she is the sole graphic designer and creates the college’s advertisements, publications and other marketing materials.

Denna Callahan – Internal Client Manager

Denna Callahan is marketing project manager where she is the liaison for the 1,200+ job requests submitted to the Marketing & Communications Department each year.

Current responsibilities include creating and executing communications plans for internal and external marketing initiatives.

Lauren Armstrong – Marketing Coordinator – Customer Engagement and Data Analyst

Lauren Armstrong, a marketing coordinator, creates and implements effective communication plans to reach target populations with detailed messaging using email, text, event evites, and direct mail to reach prospective students and increase the number of applicants in the enrollment funnel. In this role, she assesses data to optimize campaigns.

Lisa Thornton – Marketing Coordinator - EDCT

Lisa Thornton is a public information coordinator, providing marketing services for EDCT, the continuing education division, which consists of five departments. In this role she publishes the EDCT catalog, generates leads for programs and attendees for events. Lisa also coordinates EDCT marketing strategies and tactics.


Department Directory

Who is in charge of Curriculum Management?

Anna Scott
Program Coordinator, Curriculum Management, 250-8283
Curriculum Management:  New/Revised/Terminated Programs, New/Revised/Terminated Courses | Course Requisites | Course Fees | Curriculum Committee | College Catalog |Academic Program Review | Prior Learning Assessment | Career Pathways

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