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Library Services

Computers Use Policies

Library computers are provided to enhance and support teaching and learning needs, and curricular requirements. All patrons are asked to follow these policies:

  • Priority use is for research and course-related assignments.
  • Sending, receiving, or accessing pornographic and other offensive materials is unacceptable and can result in loss of library privileges and disciplinary actions.
  • Sharing or downloading copyrighted materials without a license or permission is prohibited. Copyright abuse can result in loss of library privileges and/or criminal prosecution. Do not install, copy, download, or share music, movies, videos or any other electronic files via the Internet.
  • Printing is $.10 per side for black and white pages and $.20 per side for color pages. All scanning/copying should comply with laws and policies regarding copyright.
  • No personal commercial transactions.
  • No gaming.

The Library assumes no responsibility for the confidentiality or security of information viewed or sent through the College's network. The network administrator and his/her designee may view the messages and files of any user at the discretion of the College.

Users wishing to listen to audio content should check out headphones from the circulation desk.

Accessibility at GTC