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Faculty Resource Guide

Who is coordinator of the College Calendar and Academic Calendar?

Natasha Spearman
Program Coordinator, College Scheduling, Course Evaluations & Compliance Data,  250-8398
25Live Manager | Course Sections and Data Entry Training | Registration Dates | Internal Campus Calendar ​| Course Evaluations | Academic Calendar | Compliance Data | Fee Waivers | Academic Rank | Faculty and Academic Staff Manual ​ 

Where do I find the Academic Calendar?

Where do I find last dates to withdraw from classes?

Where do I find purge dates, student event dates, etc?

Where can I find due dates for final grades, purge dates, and other events happening at the college?

Where can I find important financial aid deadlines?

Where can I find holidays and breaks for the different semesters and years?

You can find the Academic Calendar and the Employee Calendar in GTC4Me Academic and Employee Calendars.

Who do I contact for events that are happening on the weekends when most of the faculty and staff are not on campus?

How do I add something to the school calendar?

To add something to the College calendar, you need to submit a Marketing request using the "Marketing and Communications Request" link found at the bottom of the GTC4me landing page.  

To add something to the 25Live calendar, first create an event in 25Live. Once it is approved, it will appear on the calendar.

How do I know when yearly trainings are due, for example fire safety?

If you click on PD4me from the GTC4me landing page, you will see a "Learning Transcript" tab.  There you will find your transcript with the dates of completion.  Current courses are also available here as well.

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