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Faculty Resource Guide

General Information for Human Resources

What if I want to report unethical behavior from a GTC employee?

The State Technical College System has a hotline for all technical college employees who work for any of the State Technical Colleges. The purpose is to report alleged fraud, waste, or abuse. The caller is not required to identify themself. However, it is helpful for the caller to do so if further information is needed. The caller’s privacy is respected and every effort is made to protect the caller’s anonymity. The hotline number is 1-800-870-3687.


  • We have an ethics-report email that employees can use to report alleged ethical issues: That email goes directly to GTC’s Ethics Officer, Michael Chasteen. However, the sender of the email is not anonymous.
  • We also have an email related to our Fraud and Abuse policy, for reporting alleged Fraud and Abuse (GTC Administrative policy 5-18). Similarly, the sender of the email is not anonymous. The recipients of those emails are Dr. Miller and appropriate members of the President’s Cabinet.

Employees who do not want to use the methods listed above may also make reports to the State Inspector General by calling 1-855-sc-fraud (1-855-723-7283) or they may go to the State Inspector General’s website and use the Complaint Form listed on the website.

Where can I find a record of my available time off (sick leave, etc)?

How do I submit leave in Kronos?

How do I find a working internal link to full-time opportunities with the college?

How do I know who is responsible for the various areas in HR?

Where do I find the Faculty Handbook?

Who do I contact to make changes to my benefits information?

How do I find out information about SC state benefits?

When should I report possible Workman's compensation situation?

Employees, work-study students, and students in clinical settings are responsible for immediately reporting all work-related accidents or illnesses to their supervisor. Supervisors are required to notify HR immediately by calling 864-250-8704 or 864-250-8192. The Human Resources staff will assist the supervisor in completing necessary forms including the first report of injury form.

Where do I find my pay advice?

You can find your pay advice in WebAdvisor/Human Resources/Pay Advices

Who do I contact to update my address or name?

How do I report improper behavior of a supervisor related to Title IX?

Who do I contact for job descriptions or to amend a job description?

Contact Courtney Stokes 250-8989 or Barbara Wilson 236-6655 from Human Resources. or

Who do I ask if everything is done for separating/rehiring adjuncts?

Barbara Wilson 236-6655 from Human Resources.

Who do I ask if Human Resources forms have been received?

Barbara Wilson 236-6655 from Human Resources.

Who do I ask about Passport, drug testing, criminal background checks, etc?

Contact the Administrative Assistant for your area.

Where can I find employee/faculty policies?

Where can I find financial information needed for accreditation?

How can I get help with entering payroll hours?

Where can I find current policies related to vacation time accrual, HR policies, how many hours you can carry over, etc.?

How do I make a formal complaint to Human Resources?

Where do I find the organizational charts for the college?

Where can I find information on benefits and my pay stub?

Where can I find the college Vision and Mission?

Where do I get information about Professional Development?

Where can I find the most recent information for Faculty Performance Management System (FPMS)

What should I do if I am "asked" to work extra hours that would be outside of my 40 hour week?

Who would I ask question about Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)?

Where can I find information on sick time, vacation time, etc?

What is the hiring process for adjuncts?

Accessibility at GTC