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Faculty Resource Guide

Where can I find College Policies?

Where can I find the GTC Highlights on the Hub?

What do I do if I want to borrow a book?

What are the hours, etc for the Caring Corner?

Where can I find parking rules?

How do I track down a package that has been delivered to the college, but not yet to me?

Where can I find enrollment statistics?

How can I find out information about an event, for example a visitor needs help to find where a college event is taking place?

How do I report plagiarism?

Where can I find the college Vision and Mission?

Where can I find maps for buildings that include room numbers?

Currently not available on the website. Jim Greer is going to see if these can be placed on the shared drive for faculty access.

Where can I find GTC letterhead?

Where can I get a map of the building with the location of the rooms with room numbers?

Contact Jim Greer 864-250-8174 ( if you want a PDF of your building with the room numbers. These may eventually be added to the shared drive

How do I know what to keep at the end of the semester?

Where can I find division-wide policies?

The School of Health Sciences houses the divisional policies on the TDrive: Department Folders -> Academic & Education - > Health Sciences -> 1 HS Division.

Check the TDrive for your School.

If I need to be out for a day and miss a class, what is the procedure?

This is department-dependent. If you are going to be out, contact your supervisor or department head for further instructions. Some departments can have other instructors cover classes and you can simply submit your time off request through Kronos. Others use a Faculty Absence and Substitution Form.

Where can I find flow chart of people who manage certain projects?

Accessibility at GTC