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Faculty Resource Guide

General Info and Contacts

Use this link for any general questions you have regarding security issues.  For example, if security is needed after hours, if a student needs assistance with their car, etc.

What do I do if I need to get in my office after hours?

What do I do if a building or room door is locked?

What do I do when I have a student displaying behavioral misconduct or erratic behavior??

What do I do when I need a new or temporary parking sticker for myself or a guest?

Are parking passes required on campus for weekends?

Per Campus Police, parking passes are not required on the weekends.

Who do I contact if the doors are locked at McAlister Square on Friday mornings?

GTC Department of Public Safety - McAlister Square Safety Officer Cell (864) 380-1489

What do I do if a student falls, has a seizure, is injured, etc?

Who do I call if a building appears empty and unsecured while teaching evening class?

What do I do if I have an emergency situation after hours, such as the lights going out?

Call 250-8174 for emergency maintenance issues.

Who do I contact to provide assistance with a belligerent visitor wanting to see a student in my class?

Who do I call if there are no more parking spaces near the building I teach in at night and I would like assistance?

Call Campus Police Non emergency number 864-250-8150 or 250-8911 if it is an emergency.

Who do I contact if I'm teaching a weekend/after hours class and can't reach my supervisor about a problem?

Call Campus Police Non emergency number 864-250-8150 or 250-8911 if it is an emergency.

What do I do when I finish with an event space after hours?

How do I contact the Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) about student behavior?

You can type Behavioral Intervention into outlook and the email address will pop up. You can also contact the Dean of Students office 250-8100.

How would we report a missing student?

If attempts to contact the student through GTC gmail, phone, etc are not successful and you believe that the student may be in imminent danger or harmed, then you should call Campus Police at 250-8150.  If it is a Campus Pointe resident student, then they could do a "wellness" check if that was their last known location.  Otherwise, they will generally contact an outside police agency to perform a "wellness" check.

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