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Faculty Resource Guide

General Info and Contacts

Submit a Work Order

What do I do when a bathroom, classroom, office, etc needs to be cleaned?

What do I do when there is a problem with a building (toilets, HVAC, power, lights out, etc)?

What do I do if debris or trash needs to be picked up outside in the parking lot or around the grounds?

Who do I contact when the recycle bins need emptying?

What do I do if there are lights out in the parking lot or around the grounds?

Please report any lighting outages to Libby Durham, Greenville Tech Grounds Manager:

What do I do if I have a facilities emergency and have no access to a computer to submit School Dude request?

Call 250-8174 to report emergency maintenance issues.

How do I report an elevator that is not working?

Who do I contact for help with a key?

Contact Andrew Shealy, Facility Resources Dept.: 864-419-4430, or

Who do I contact if I need to reserve a golf cart?

Email Marcus Mack (, Mark Annicchiarico (, and Bob Coutch ( One of them will reply to confirm the reservation.

How do I report broken equipment?

It depends on the type of equipment.

If it is departmental, report it to your Department Head; they will have to get a repair quote from the vendor, then send this to the Dean to see if funding is available.

If it is a computer or other technology-related equipment, submit an OIT help request.

If it is a different type of college-owned equipment, submit a School Dude request.

How would I request furniture replacement in my office?

What do I do if a facilities request job was not completed for more than a year now?

Per Scott Wilbanks, if it was an Institutional Project Request, then contact Diane Thomas at 864-250-8098 or if it was a School Dude request for maintenance or repairs, contact Betty Weaver at 864-250-8174.

What do I do if poisonous substances, oily rags, etc have been collected but no one has picked them up?

Removal of Unwanted Furniture - Surplus


Logistics Contacts

Surplus and Excess Equipment

Location Change Form

Logistics Management Forms

Marcus Mack 864-250-8007
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