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Academic Assessment Committee: Action Plan for Improvement

Action Plan for Improvement

Action plans are statements that indicate the specific changes that a given area plans to implement in the next assessment cycle based on the analysis of finding.

Some areas to consider during the development of an action plan include:

  • Program policies, practices and procedures:
    • Should criteria for admission to the program be re-evaluated?
    • Is there a need to enhance student support services such as advising and counseling?
    • Are assessment tools appropriate for measuring student learning? Are these tools being used consistently from one instructor to the next?
  • Curriculum revisions:
    • Is the delivery mode of a course adequate?
    • Are there new professional standards that need to be incorporated into the curriculum?
    • Are there particular outcomes that need more or less attention within the curriculum? Check your curriculum map.
  • Learning opportunities:
    • Is there a need for more student-faculty contact?
    • Is active learning taking place in the classroom?
    • Do students receive prompt feedback on performance throughout the curriculum?
  • Are students aware of the program’s expectations?
  • Is there a need for faculty development? i.e. to learn new or different instructional methods.
  • Is there a need to collaborate with faculty across programs, divisions, or the college?

Possible Action Plans

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