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Assessment Committee Members:

Jacque Taylor Jan Hirt
Ed Eudy Shane Howell
Andie Finley Candice Lewis
Wendy Rader Kathryn Hix
Christin Correll Anna Scott
Yolunda Richards Kim Silver
Debra Hadaway Beth Todd
Eden Mays Judy Haynes

Jason Reed

Rene Sawyer

Amber Morgan

Rachel Cobb

Alissa Somoya




Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Monitor assessment system effectiveness and recommend improvements through proper avenues.
  2. Coordinate the assessment of Core Competencies through the APR process and establish procedures and practices for obtaining assessment data from academic programs.
  3. Aggregate and analyze data obtained through assessment methods used for the assessment of Core Competencies.
  4. Review end of year assessment results (on rotational basis) and provide recommendations as necessary to department heads.
  5. Assist in facilitating the institutional accreditation process.
  6. Submit an annual report based requirements determined by the Academic Deans and Vice President of Academic Affairs.
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