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Open Educational Resources: OER Awards

Professor for Affordable Learning (PAL) Award

South Carolina Affordable Learning (SCALE) is an initiative of the Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries that seeks to reduce the overall cost of higher education for students by promoting affordable learning materials. The SCALE Professor for Affordable Learning (PAL) Award recognizes instructors who have integrated no-cost or low-cost course materials into their courses. If you have helped your students by adopting open educational resources, please complete a PAL Award application so we can recognize and thank you... Students you can nominate your instructors too! 

Greenville Technical College PAL Award Winners

Name Department Course
Kate Luxion Visual Arts Visual Arts Business Procedures

2022-2023 GTC OER Awards Pilot


2022-2023 GTC OER Awards Pilot Application is CLOSED

With funding provided by the Partnership Among South Carolina Academic Libraries' (PASCAL) SCALE Affordable Learning Grant, GTC OER Awards are available to help and reward Greenville Technical College instructors for replacing traditional and Inclusive Access course materials with GTC Library, PASCAL, or Open Educational Resources. GTC students also benefit from reduced or eliminated course materials costs and correlated increased enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.

Award Levels:

  • Adopt GTC Library, PASCAL, or existing OER materials
    Available: 8
  • Adapt or create and implement OER materials with CC-BY License
    Available: 2

Required Sharing of Project Outcomes: "PASCAL reserves the right to make all output produced through projects funded by this grant, including but not limited to open textbooks, revised open textbooks, ancillary materials, and supplemental materials, available under a suitable Creative Commons license on the PASCAL website or any other website deemed appropriate."

Award Criteria:

Awards are determined by the greatest estimated student cost savings considering:

  • cost of replaced course material(s) per student
  • number of students enrolled in course section(s)


  • August 2022 - October 2022
    OER Professional Development Opportunities via Zoom

    Intro to Using Open Educational Resources in the Classroom (33:21)
    by GTC librarian Michelle Rubino and English department head Chuck Baker on how OERs benefit student success, retention, and persistence as well as how to find resources in the Open Textbook Network.

    GTC OER Awards and Resources: An Overview (21:17)
    Webinar by GTC Learning Resources director Tara Weekes and GTC librarian Michelle Rubino to learn more about the GTC OER awards application process and how to navigate through a variety of OER collections to find potential course materials.
  • October 31, 2022
    Application Deadline
  • November 2022 - December 2022
    Award Announced and Initial Consultation
  • January 2023 - April 2023
    Create/Adapt/Adopt OER Collaboration and Assistance
  • May 2023
    OER Implementation and Award Distribution

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