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Open Educational Resources: Courseware

Open Courseware & Software

Courseware can also be found within the collections on our Open Courses page. 

Open Source
links to top open education, business, design, and multimedia software including alternatives for Adobe products, AutoCAD, MATLAB, and Trello

FLOSS Manuals
provides list of links and manuals to a variety of free software available online

Virtual Labs

Additional virtual labs can be found within Open Courses. 

Online Resources for Science Laboratories
huge list of links to STEM virtual labs compiled by Wayne State University

Cool4ed Virtual Labs
online labs and activities for chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, and math

simulations and virtual labs for physics, math, chemistry, biology, and other subjects

HHMI BioInteractive
interactive activities for biology

APA Online Psychology Laboratory
free account to access virtual labs on the human brain and psychology

Multimedia Editing

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)
image creation and manipulation software comparable to Adobe Photoshop

web-based image editor similar to Adobe Photoshop

create and edit images in SVG format comparable to Adobe Illustrator

audio track recording, manipulation, and combination comparable to Adobe Audition

computer graphics software for creating animations, visual effects, art, 3D models, motion graphics, interactive applications, and virtual reality with 
31 Brilliant Blender Tutorials

Houdini Apprentice
3D animation software free for non-commercial use




3D Modeling

makerBot-branded community site for discovering, sharing, and downloading models

free online app for 3D model creation

free version of 3D modeling software for non-commercial work unless purchased

browser-based 3D CAD system allows unlimited public and 10 private designs for free

CG Trader - free models
browse thousands of free models by use category

search the 20,000+ models listed as free

access and share tiff, dicom, stanford ply, and stl files for non-commercial use

more than 12,000 ready-to-print open source designs

10,000+ free models with others available for purchase

NASA 3D Models
actual equipment models for educational purposes only


Google Account
free limited storage web and app based software for Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Charts, Jamboard, Drawings, Sites, Forms, and Translate

digital mind-mapping tool with limited free account

online information aggregator for Web, iOS, and Android

online information aggregator 
for Web, Windows, and Linux

QR Stuff
create custom-colored QR codes for various types of content

create QR codes with multiple file type options (including SVG) and track 10 marketing campaigns for free

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