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Academic Compliance and Review

Created by the Academic Compliance group

Judy Haynes, Director AC&R and Perkins Grant, *8591

Academic Compliance | Faculty Credentialing | Curriculum Development | DACUM’s | Perkins | Fee Waivers | Academic Calendar | Academic Policies and Procedures

Gina Marie Thomas, Coordinator, Program Accreditation & Perkins Grant, *8196

Programmatic Accreditations (Self-Study Reports, Interim Reporting, and Site Visit Logistics) | Perkins Grant | Faculty Credentials in Colleague | Sustainability & Viability Program Reports | Program Development & Resource Council | Needs Assessments and Task Validations Surveys

Anna Scott, Coordinator, Curriculum Management, *8283

Curriculum Management:  New/Revised/Terminated Programs, New/Revised/Terminated Courses | Course Requisites | Course Fees | Curriculum Committee | College Catalog | Academic Program Review | Prior Learning Assessment | Career Pathways

Natasha Spearman, Coordinator, College Scheduling, Course Evals & Compliance Data,  *8398

Course Sections and Data Entry Training | Registration Dates | Internal Campus Calendar ​| Course Evaluations | Academic Calendar | Compliance Data | Fee Waivers | Academic Rank | Faculty and Academic Staff Manual | 25Live Manager​

Important Processes/ Documents

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