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This guide highlights the chemistry resources the library owns.

New Chemistry Books

Chemistry for Breakfast: The Amazing Science of Everyday Life

New 5/13/21

Chemistry Made Easy: An Illustrated Guide for Students to Easily Learn Chemistry

New 6/16/21

Liquid Rules: The Delightful & Dangerous Substances that Flow Through Our Lives

New 2/28/19

MCAT Organic Chemistry Review 2019-2020

New 10/2/18

The Poison Squad: One Chemist's Single-Minded Crusade for Food Safety at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

New 11/15/18

The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another

New 1/11/21

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Chemistry Books


Call Numbers

Use these call numbers to find books on chemistry.

QD 1-65 General Chemistry

QD 71-142 Analytical Chemistry

QD 146 - 197 Inorganic Chemistry

QD 241 - 441  Organic Chemistry

QD 241-441   Biochemistry

QD 450-801  Physical & Theoretical Chemistry

QD 625-655  Radiation Chemistry

QD 701-731  Photochemistry

QD 901-999  Crystallography

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