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Copyright: Compliance

Copyright Explained

Brief video explaining the basics of copyright, fair use, public domain, Open Educational Resources (OER), and Creative Commons licensing.
Further explanation can be found in GTC Libraries' Copyright in Courses presentation recording. 

GTC Policies & Procedures

Greenville Technical College provides an administrative policy on copyright and intellectual property and a copyright compliance form to help employees, students, and others document efforts to properly use copyrighted materials and comply with United States Copyright Law (Title 17, United States Code, Sect 101, et seq.)

Useful Copyright Links

When Can I Use Copyrighted Materials?

You may share copyrighted materials in the following situations:

  1. When you are the legal copyright owner
    Note that you may not be the legal copyright owner of works that you created as part of your employment. Check the college's policy on Copyright and Intellectual Property and the U.S. Copyright Office web site for more information.
  2. When you have acquired written permission to use a work
    See the "Getting Copyright Permission" section on this page for resources that will help you request permission to use copyrighted materials.
  3. When you link to an online resource
    Instead of distributing copies, share links to electronic resources including publicly available websites and GTC Library & PASCAL resources.
  4. When you use materials that are in the public domain
    American works in the public domain are no longer protected by copyright and may be distributed to students.
  5. When a Creative Commons notice appears on the work
    Works with Creative Commons licensing may be copied, distributed, displayed, performed, and made into derivative works, but usually only when the work is attributed to the original creator and is not used for commercial purposes. Many Creative Commons and other open resources can be found on GTC Libraries' Open Educational Resources research guide.

  6. When fair use factors lean in your favor
    Fair Use guidelines help educators determine the impact of using copyrighted materials in four areas -- purpose, nature, proportion, and impact. Remember that fair use is not clearly spelled out and it only affords protection for one time only and for resources that were lawfully made. 

  7. When you are protected by the TEACH Act
    All college members involved in distance learning have a role to play in securing protection under the TEACH Act.

Getting Copyright Permission

Uploading or downloading copyrighted works that are not subject to fair use without the permission of the copyright owner is a violation of Greenville Technical College policies and U.S. Copyright Law. GTC has an account with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) to help faculty and staff acquire licenses for limited use of copyrighted materials.

Other possible sources of permission include:


Contact the Greenville Technical College Copyright Officer :
Tara Weekes
Director of Learning Resources
Barton Campus, Building 105, Room 129
(864) 236-6500

Purpose & Disclaimer

Greenville Technical College Libraries maintains this guide to provide a resource for copyright-related information and services. The information presented in this guide is for information purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for actual legal advice. Please consult an expert in copyright law for legal advice.

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