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Streaming Videos

Examples of Videos available via Online Databases

Robotics Fundamentals.  An online video via Films on Demand database. 

"In this video, viewers are introduced to robotics fundamentals including the identification of robotic parts and the capabilities of various robots being used in industry. Viewers also see several examples of industrial robots, microcomputer controllers, robot control programs, and sensing systems." (publisher statement)

Electricity Principles.  An online video via Films on Demand database. 

" An introduction to the basics of electricity covering: atoms; conductors; insulators; free electrons; voltage; current; resistance; magnetism; attraction-repulsion; electromagnets; a simple circuit, and other electrical principles. 

Electrical Circuits.  An online video via Films on Demand database. 

Describes and explains voltage, current, resistance, and series and parallel circuits. Demonstrates calculations that are central to practical applications of electricity principles. Presents explanations of the flow of current through a circuit and how electrical energy is used. Provides easy-to-follow examples of Ohm’s and Kirchoff’s Laws and how they are applied. Printable educational resources are available online.

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