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American Literature: Start Here

A guide for research and supplemental reading to support ENG 201

Why should I start here? I do what I want.

When doing research for anything, like your ENG 201 assignments, you begin by choosing a topic. But after that part (or maybe you're still deciding on a topic), you'll want to head to some REFERENCE sources.

Why? Reference sources (think encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, databases like Credo Reference, etc) allow you to get a firmer grasp on the basic facts before you dive into the more interpretive literature (such as criticism articles, biographies, i.e. someone else's informed thoughts) available on your topic.

Use the reference sources below to get started on your research. Keeping in mind the facts you glean from these and other reference sources will enable you to keep an objective head when doing further research, and give you confidence in your own knowledge of the subject when writing your paper.

You'll be surprised how confidence alone will help you become a better writer!


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