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Documenting COVID-19 at GTC: Project Details


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The purpose of this project is to document and share the experiences of the GTC Community during the Coronavirus pandemic. This is an extraordinary time that has presented each of us with different challenges. We feel that it is important to preserve a record of all that our Community has faced and, by sharing it, provide guidance and inspiration for present and future generations.

Seeking Contributions

We are looking to collect documentation of your COVID-19 experience, or creative expressions of your feelings during this time. For example: photographs, journal-style compositions, poetry, short stories, videos, digital art, or links to your social media posts. We are interested in learning about the various aspects of your COVID-19 experience; the shift to online classes, moving out of student housing, keeping in touch with your friends, family, or instructors, what social distancing looks like for you, how your job or workplace has been affected, what day-to-day life looks like right now, etc.


How To Participate

Fill out our Entry Form.

You are also welcome to tag us in any of your social media posts (@gtc_library on Instagram and Twitter, @gtclibrary on Facebook); please be sure to use the hashtag #GTCCOVIDStory.


Brainstorming Ideas

A few questions to get you started...

  • How did you learn that GTC campuses were closing and classes were being moved online?
  • How did you react to the news that GTC campuses were closing? How did you feel about switching to online classes?
  • Was the pandemic discussed in your classes before the College closed? If so, how?
  • How have you coped with the transition to online classes? What adjustments have you had to make (if any)?
  • How have the quarantine and social distancing affected your school/home/work/social life? What changes have you had to make?
  • What tole has technology played in your experience? Is it a tool for school or work? How do you use it for communicating with friends or keeping up with your social life? Do you use it more for entertainment purposes?
  • How are you managing self-care? Exercise? Meditation? Spending time outside? Creative hobbies?
  • What is daily life like now? What do you want people in the future to know about this time?
  • What have you found most challenging about this time? What do you miss most about pre-COVID-19 life? What do you miss most about GTC?
  • What have you learned during COVID-19? What new opportunities have presented themselves?
  • Once quarantine is over, do you want things to go back to the way they were? What changes would you like to see? How will you work toward these changes?


These guidelines were adapted from Clemson Libraries Special Collections and Archives' "Sharing the Journey: Documenting COVID-19 at Clemson" project.


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