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GTC Libraries provide videos, tutorials, and quizzes to address the College's CORE Competencies: Communication, Critical Thinking, Information Literacy, and Professionalism. Each can be added to Blackboard as an assignment. Click the tabs above for a preview of the relevant modules as well as instructions.

Communication, Critical Thinking, Information Literacy, & Professionalism sound like academic skills, but they are much more - you USE these skills in your everyday life.  Example: vacation travel  

  • Recognize - that while planning a trip to a country that you know very little about, hoping to have a relaxing vacation, you start looking for advice.
  • Locate -You found a person’s travel blog, and thought they sounded very knowledgeable about the country.
  • Evaluate - the source.  Can you find this person’s credentials? How do you know the information can be trusted? Should you use a more authoritative site, or travel agency?  What if you find out that the exotic-looking hotel the blogger raved about hasn’t been updated in decades and has bugs the size of your fist that sleep with you at night?
  • Use - the information that you've found, compare, make your best judgment, have a great vacation! 

Memoirs of a Modern Librarian


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Below are links to preview videos, tutorials, and quizzes that are part of our Information Literacy–Core subscription.

Blackboard Ultra Directions

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Getting Started with Research

Searching for Information

Evaluating Information

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