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Creative Inquiry at GTC

Creative Inquiry (CI) at Greenville Technical College gives students an opportunity to think critically and develop skills such as problem solving, teamwork, media literacy, and effective communication, that will help them in their chosen career field or prepare them for their university transfer destination. CI students earn undergraduate credit and set themselves apart by completing:

  • Faculty-driven or faculty-mentored research
  • Career-related research


Various options are available for those who wish to participate in Creative Inquiry. One option is a student may register for a course in which the instructor has embedded a project into the curriculum to be completed as a class, a small group, or as an individual assignment. Or, some programs at GTC may have capstone projects that must be successfully completed in order to earn a diploma in the area of study that require dedicated effort outside of the classroom. Alternatively, a student may elect to work with a faculty member as a research assistant on a current research project or on a project proposed by the student.


CI supports scholarly and creative activities by students in all academic disciplines.


Faculty Checklist

  • Meet with student(s) to discuss research interests and refine potential topic.
  • Complete Student Research Agreement with student. If there will be multiple students enrolled in the Creative Inquiry Course, please use the Student Research Agreement for Multiple Students.
  • Submit completed Student Research Agreement, with requisite signatures, to, for review by GTC Creative Inquiry Committee
  • Once approved by Creative Inquiry Committee, use Student Research Agreement to create a syllabus for this Research Methods course.
  • Discuss possible inclusion of additional consultant(s) with subject expertise with student(s).
  • Direct student in Research Methods course, including scheduling a GTC Library session for research assistance.
  • Encourage students to compose a summary of their research experience for the GTC Creative Inquiry blog. They might also choose to prepare a poster presentation for the GTC Student Scholar Showcase in the Spring (highly encouraged).

Student Checklist

  • Please review the details in the "Student Conduct" box below.
  • Approach a faculty member with your research interests and work with them to refine your research topic.
  • Once your research topic has been refined, complete the Student Research Agreement with your faculty member.
  • Meet with your librarian for scheduled research assistance as project progresses.
  • Communicate with your faculty member throughout semester as stated in your Student Research Agreement. 
  • Prepare a summary of your research experience for the GTC Creative Inquiry blog and/or a poster presentation for the GTC Student Scholar Showcase in the Spring.
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