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Online Learning: Online Teaching Resources

Online Teaching Resources

Best practices in online learning are directed at providing engagement, interaction, and support for students. Integrate tools and techniques in your courses to provide a variety of learning activities and assessments.

Links to Online Teaching Resources

Online Content Tools

Surveys, Polling, Student Collaboration


Google Forms: Create forms with hyperlinks, images, and videos. Use them for surveying and quizzes.


Poll Everywhere: A real-time polling app that works with mobile, Twitter, or in your web browser.

Student Collaboration

Padlet: A free website for collecting and sharing text, images, videos, and files.

FlipGrid: A free website for collaborating using video and audio.

In-class quizzes and games A free web-based service that lets you assess students with prepared activities or on-the-fly questions to get immediate insight into understanding.

Kahoot: This is a popular free class quiz game that lets teachers use multiple choice or sequencing questions. 

Quizizz: Another great game and quiz-making application.

Quizalize: This is a new website for playing class quiz games. The teacher inputs their own questions or they can use a pre-made quiz.

Triventy: This is a tool for making group surveys and quiz games. Again, the teacher can use their own questions or use ones on the site.

Study Aids/Flashcards

Quizlet: Lets students learn and improve by studying with flashcards, games and more.

StudyBlue: A large, crowdsourced library of over 400 million notes, flashcards, and study guides.

GoConqr: A free web-based service with flashcards, mindmaps, quizzes, notes, groups, and a study planner.

StudyStack: Students can use StudyStack’s flashcards or create their own. StudyStack can also automatically create a wide range of different games to help you study, including matching, hangman, crossword, fill-in-the-blanks, quizzes, tests, bug match, hungry bug, unscramble, chopped, and targets.


HONORLOCK RECORDING - Training Session April 15, 2020

Honorlock Privacy Statement

Are students worried about their privacy while using Honorlock? These links take you to Honorlock's privacy statement and also a message to students from Honorlock about online proctoring.

Honorlock PDF Guides

We have many guides to help faculty use Honorlock in their courses. Also take a look at the video links as well in the next section!

Honorlock Video Links

Resources for Spring 2020 (Online Transition due to COVID-19)

Using Collaborate

GTC Library Resources

Publisher Content

Creating Online Tests for Face-to-Face Classes: Files for instructors to create their own Respondus tests

Creating Online Tests for Online Classes: Files for instructors to create their own Respondus tests

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