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Academic Assessment Committee: Academic Program Review (APR)

APR Introduction and Rotation

APR Summary and Action Plan and Review Rubric for Deans

Rubric for Assessing Assessment Plans

Accessing Data

Graduate and Continuing Education Data 2014-2015:

Located on the Dashboard on GTC4Me.

  • Click on Graduate Data from the home page
  • Click on Total Number of Awards by Fiscal Year (Green)
  • Click on Graduates by Division (Green box on left)
  • Click on the division you are wanting to drill into from the College Wide Summary by Division table at the top of the screen

Earlier data is located on GTC4Me/GTC Information/Quality and Planning/Graduate Follow-up Reports

Curriculum Conversation Information

Library Conversations

Running XENST Reports in College

Link to State Models for Curriculum Programs

To get access to the state models and the CAC (catalog of approved courses), go to tweb and request access. The link is as follows: State Models

Review of Syllabi

APR Review Committee

APR Presentation

Advisory Committees

APR Templates

Various Templates

Accessibility at GTC