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Freshman English (GTCHS): Evaluating Sources

Research Guide for Mimi Watson's English classes.

Evaluating Web Content

What To Look For

Use caution when using the Internet for research. Websites are often a blend of information, entertainment and advertising. Anyone can publish on the world wide web! Will you be able to distinguish between John Hopkins the 7th grader and Johns Hopkins University???  

Remember, the GTC Library Databases are available 24/7 with articles that have been peer and scholarly reviewed.

Always evaluate a website for:

website evaluation

For more on the CRAPP test, see the CRAP test Guide

Analyzing Books and Articles

Web Domains

The domain name gives some indication of the source and intended audience of a web address.

  • .com - generally a commercial site
  •  .edu - educational institutions
  •  .gov - U.S. government 
  •  .org - organizations (some non-profit) 
  •  .int - international organizations
  •  .mil - U.S. military organizations
  • .net -  catch-all for sites not using .com, open to anyone (some administrative sites) 
  • .biz - usually intended for businesses
  • .info - another catch-all, open to anyone

IANA Root Zone Database maintains details about top level domain names

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