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Fantasy Literature: Home

This guide is meant as brief pointer to the best in Fantasy Literature for scholarly research purposes.


Elves. Knights. Dragons. Journeys. Vampires. Steampunk. Wizardry.

Fantasy literature is many things to many people. This is to say that it is a genre difficult to pin down to many specific qualities, and may include other subgenres as well. As a basic notion, fantasy is the creation of a world that does not exist, and never did exist in reality. Perhaps it may exist in the future, and this is permissible in the genre. You may also find that fantasy literature falls under or goes by several other names. To speak a few: speculative fiction, literature of the fantastic, even science-fiction (the two often intertwine).

This pathfinder allows you to discover for yourself what fantasy literature is, was, and can be, for use in scholarly research or personal interest. I invite you on the journey of discovering the many works, tropes, subgenres, authors, and literary criticism of fantasy literature.

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