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Computer Labs & Course Tools: Blog Sites

This guide offers information and learning tools related to the computing programs and services that most students must use while enrolled at GTC.

Free Blog Services Providers

Blogging Guidelines

Be sure to read the rules and guidelines of whatever blog service you choose.

Is your blog public or private?  Can it be found using your email address?  Is it accessible by a search engine or through the blog's main page?  It's very easy to publish online but what you say can be almost impossible to erase completely.  When you blog, think about who might be able to read it.  Is it something you'd want your parents/ little siblings/ teachers/ (future) bosses to know?

If you post about your personal life, it's a good idea to leave out people's names and your exact location.

If you do choose a public blog, be careful what you post about others (including employers, schools, and businesses).  It's a good idea to be clear whether something is a fact or your opinion.

Always give credit to sources of information, reviews, images, or videos.  Being online means you can easily link back and show others the source of your content.  Having a blog is about offering your unique perspective.  Plagiarism or promoting things for money (without being open about it) can damage your credibility and cost you readers.

Many employers have guidelines about using social media.  You may have to post a statement that your opinions are yours alone and not those of your employer.  You may have to watch the type, content, and language of your posts.  Check your employer's policies and procedures or contact HR if you have questions.

If you have a blog for class, keep it clean and on topic and be sure to use spell check.  Your classmates may end up being your employees, coworkers, or bosses one day.

Promoting Your Blog

If you're using your blog as a marketing tool, search engine optimization (SEO) and targeted promotion can increase your readership.

Metadata is data about data.  Blogs usually keep up with when you posted, but you'll want to add as much extra information as you think might be necessary.  This means using each post's titles effectively and adding keywords or tags to your posts.  Anytime you add an image or link, be sure to provide a description and/ or alternate title.

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