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VET 101 - Animal Breeds and Husbandry: Journals


On the bottom of this page is a sampling of the titles that are available to you online.

If you would like to find more journals or magazines for your subject, search for veterinary titles in the EBSCOhost or Academic OneFile databases periodical lists.

Directions to EBSCOhost periodicals:

In EBSCOhost, select the link EBSCOhost Web. On the next page, check Select All and click the button Continue. On the top of the page in the blue strip find the link "Publications" and click on it. It will bring down a list of links. Select the first one "Academic Search Premier -- Publications." When there, find the second box from the top "Publications". Type in it the word "veterin*" (a portion of the word "veterinary" with an asterisk *) and click the Browse button. There, you will be able to browse journal and magazine titles.

Directions for Academic OneFile:

In Academic OneFile, scroll down to the box " by Publication Title." Start typing the word "veterinary" and you will see several titles in the drop down box. Select one of your interest, type your search words and start searching.

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