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Culinary Arts: Books & Videos

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Just a sampling of titles in our Media Collection:

The Art of Food Presentation

Bread Art, Discs 1-3

Dry Heat Cooking Methods Vol. 1-2

Filled Chocolates

Food, Inc.

Food Science Experiments

The Healthy Palate

Implementing a Food Safety Program

Lighter Cuisine

Searching for E-books

There are two ways of searching for books in an electronic format.

Both of them are through the library home page


On the library home page find the Search Our Collections box and type a word or a combination of words on your topic (in this case, we will use the word “cats”).

Click the Search button. See the image below.


When the page with library materials on cats is displayed, scroll up to the tool bar directly below the Greenville Technical College logo and find the Power Search link among other blue links. Click on it. See the image below.


You will be prompted to the another page where you can narrow your search.

There retype your search words. In this case, it is “cats.” Scroll down and find the Item Type box, click on the drop down box beside it and select eBook. Then click the Search button. See the image below.



The search results will be e-books available through the Greenville Tech libraries.

Note the book image with the letter “e” means a book is in an electronic format (e-book). Select the book title of your interest. Click on the Read Online link.

See the image below.

If you have not logged in, a message about login options will show up and you will have to login before going to the book title.

Another way to search through the ebook collection is to find the EBSCOhost or ProQuest Ebook Central widgets after you entered a search word on the library homepage and clicked the search button.

The widgets will be displayed on the right hand side of the page with library materials. You can select one of the widgets and continue with your search.

See an image of the widgets below.

Accessibility at GTC