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Library resources related to welding come in a variety of traditional and electronic formats. These include books, reference books, eBooks, online databases, media, journals, career and professional resources, safety resources and much more.

Films on Demand

Examples of Videos available via Online Databases

Welding An online video via Films on Demand database. 

"This video puts safety first as it explains how to use a MIG (GMAW) welder. Weld types, welder setup, destructive tests, and general welding techniques are covered. The causes of contact burnback, incomplete fusion, and other problems are identified. A viewable/printable instructor’s guide is available online." (publisher statement)

Joining Metals: An online video via Films on Demand database. 

"... an excellent introduction to the joining of metals, discussing both fusion and nonfusion methods, and explaining the advantages of welding over non-welding techniques. ...MIG, TIG, and oxyacetylene welding are demonstrated. Specific joints, such as butt joints and fillet joints, are also explained. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online." (publisher statement)

Industrial Welder An online video via Films on Demand database. 

"A welding apprentice earns while learning on the job to build machinery and structures. This program introduces viewers to the business of industrial welding as a community college welding instructor describes the skill and artistic flair involved in the trade. Because there is great demand for well-trained welders, an apprentice can look forward to good wages and many opportunities." (publisher statement)

Welding Safety: An online video via Films on Demand database. 

"This video covers the most important safety rules and protective equipment to use when performing MIG, TIG, arc, and gas welding. Welding helmets and their lens ratings, leather aprons and gloves, welding gas respirators, heat shields, and fire extinguishers are discussed, and various types of welders, including plasma cutters, are illustrated." (publisher statement)

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