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Research (Finding Information)

Websites are often a blend of information, entertainment and advertising. Anyone can publish on the world wide web; be selective; ask yourself the 5W's. (Remember that library databases do not count as “using the Internet” and are an excellent source of information for your papers.) 

chart courtesy of Baker College Libraries 

Credible? You Decide

Fact or fiction? Why context matters.fact to fiction

Web Domains

The domain name gives some indication of the source and intended audience of a web address.

  • .com - generally a commercial site
  •  .edu - educational institutions
  •  .gov - U.S. government 
  •  .org - organizations (some non-profit) 
  •  .int - international organizations
  •  .mil - U.S. military organizations
  • .net -  catch-all for sites not using .com, open to anyone (some administrative sites) 
  • .biz - usually intended for businesses
  • .info - another catch-all, open to anyone

IANA Root Zone Database maintains details about top level domain names

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